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Work Hard & Play Hard! 6 Work/Life Balance Tips for the Event Professional

Submitted by Brad Gibson, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Active Production and Design

Art by Brad Gibson

When you are in the hectic world of meetings and events, it's extremely tough to make time for yourself. Between client demands, long days of work, operational demands, and all the unforeseen circumstances in between, balance is not a word that often enters the lexicon of the event professional. However, it's imperative for self-preservation that a balance be maintained. Here are a few tips for dealing with the demands of this relentless industry to ensure that you maintain as healthy a work/life balance as possible.

1) Throw Away Perfectionism. This is easier said than done. However executive coach Marilyn Puder-York, PhD, and author of The Office Survival Guide says the key to avoid burning out is to let go of perfectionism. "As life gets more expanded it's very hard, both neurologically and psychologically, to keep that habit of perfection going," she says, adding that the healthier option is to strive not for perfection, but for excellence. Excellence is the goal, not perfection, because perfection is almost entirely a myth. This is the mindset that will help propel you forward with a healthier work life balance.
2) Explore Interests Outside of Work. We all have something that really refuels us. It could be a hobby, a sport, a pastime, or all of the above. It's important to make time for these so we don't lose who we are to the demands of the job.
3) Exercise and Meditate. The combination of physical activity and meditation are the one-two punch to help knock out stress and anxiety. Implementing these two into your routine will show an improvement in your productivity and overall well being.
4) Evaluate the Structure of Your Life. It's important to do maintenance on your routine. Look at the overall picture from a distance and flag the items that are causing unneeded stress, in work and in life. Do you have a standing dinner date with a friend or spouse that has now become more of a chore? Do you take on projects or activities at work that could easily be delegated, giving you a lighter load and someone else a chance to grow? Be frank and honest with yourself and then talk with individuals that can help take things off your plate. Priorities change and your life needs to reflect that.
5) Don't Drastically Change Everything at Once. You set yourself up for failure when you make sudden changes. Start small when incorporating these changes, knowing that you will intentionally get where you want to be.
6) UNPLUG AND UNWIND. Be present when you are spending quality time with friends and family. Turn off the notifications on your phone, even if it's just for a few hours.

Balancing the demands of being an event professional with your personal life is imperative for long term success, so be intentional and upfront about the importance of your work/life balance. Your loved ones, your body, and your mind will thank you for making them a priority!

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Monday, 09 December 2019