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Utilizing VR for an Immersive Event Experience

Published by Brad Gibson, Director of Marketing and Business Development – Active Production and Design, Inc.

Virtual Reality, in various forms, has been shown in the media for decades. However, the actual experience had not been easily accessible until recently. The Virtual Reality of the past involved large cumbersome rigs that were not convenient in set up or execution. We've come a long way in just this past 2 years with the introduction of Samsung VR, powered by Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, an add-on to the popular PS4 video gaming system by Sony.

VR may not initially sound like an affordable or viable event solution, but with the right AV/Tech support team and some creativity, the sky is the limit for what VR can contribute to events. Here are some great uses that we at Active Production and Design have found for Virtual Reality in a Corporate Event setting in order of most affordable options:

  • 1)An Immersive Escape: Incorporating 360 video provides a great escape for event attendees, and uses a relatively small footprint. There are many royalty-free videos that have already been created that give the viewer the ability to explore mountain trails, sandy beaches, deep oceans, or the vastness of outer space. This experience requires the viewer to simply move their head around and take in the scenery. If your event has a specific theme, finding already produced content to match should be relatively simple. We recently had an event where the client wanted to be able to transport the attendees to a beach, so we uploaded gear with videos of the beach, surfing videos, scuba dive videos, and parasailing videos, all of which were already created and free to use. The costs associated are as simple as the gear (with videos pre-loaded) and an attendee to help make the guest experience enjoyable for even the least tech savvy attendees.

  • 2)Fun and Games: Aside from viewable content, VR provides a great tool for fun! Attendees can choose between many interactive games and compete with each other. Everything from racing, basketball, adventure, and more place your attendees in the middle of the action while also not taking up much space. We've been utilizing this technology as a way for attendees to blow off steam, or compete with other attendees. Plus other attendees can see what the players are seeing, as monitors can mirror the images being broadcast in the VR unit. The attributed costs for this will be only slightly more than simple "plug and play" videos, it's still affordable, fun, and engaging in a way that will make an event seem to be on leading edge of technology.

  • 3)Engaging Original Content: Creating original 360 degree content can be an impressive activation at an event of any size. Along with providing sizzle/highlight reels, Company/employee profiles, step-and-repeat red carpet coverage, camera operations, and many more event-specific content, our Creative Services Division at Active Production and Design have also recently been busy creating original 360 degree video. One recent highlight was creating content for a client that could transport their attendees to their warehouse miles away, where they could see their products being made. As the viewers looks around, informative pop-up videos would appear within the space, giving them a more detailed description of the product. This creative solution allowed attendees to experience the creation of their product without having to leave the event space. This is only one of many ways that Virtual Reality enhances the guest experience. Want attendees to see the construction of their company's newest property? A guided tour of their offices in another country? These and more can be accomplished with some strategic planning and a capable Creative Services team. While this is likely to be the most expensive option, it is an extremely impressive bang for your buck, and the 360 video created can be used for more than VR, it can be utilized on social media and web if needed.

Events are ever-evolving, and at Active Production and Design we welcome new technologies and trends that help create something fresh and exciting for our clients. We were excited to be able to add VR to our offerings and incorporate the technology into the guest experience. 

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Saturday, 26 September 2020