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Meet the Active Team - Tony Wallace

In today's blog post we feature Tony Wallace, Active's resident Video Director & Engineer.

Tony grew up in Albany, Georgia and brings an extensive history in radio and television. He began his career as a radio DJ moving on to television production work and helping to bring a Fox affiliate in Tallahassee, FL to air. After moving on to become a successful freelance video engineer, editor and camera operator for several high profile corporate events traveling internationally, Tony became a touring video engineer for country music superstars such as "Alabama", "Brooks n Dunn" and "Sugarland".
Tony was able to get back to his Georgia roots in November 2014 when he came to join the Active Team full time, and we are thankful to have him. Tony's history and knowledge of all things video have been a great asset to Active and our clients.

In his spare time, Tony can be found Flying, drone piloting, acting, water skiing, boating, golfing, and doing an occasional building project. 

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Friday, 10 July 2020