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Making a Connection with AV

Contributed by Matt Clouser, President of Active Production and Design

Our planners and clients often come to us looking for solutions to engage their audience. Creating an emotional connection and engaging your attendees to participate in your message is the best way to influence your audience. This can be accomplished by making them feel an emotion as it relates to your message. Have them answer questions, incorporate their phones and technology, make them remember you by making them feel special, like a VIP. They all want to be cool, feel accomplished, be the person everybody knows and respects. Tailor your presentation to make them feel like they are getting info or details that others do not, make them feel like rock stars. This will resonate into an emotion and a feeling which will then get you closer to your audience and target markets. Audio Visual has become a larger part of this movement in message delivery and an effective way to engage your audience, and there is a new arsenal of techniques and technologies that will make your message a personal one, no matter the size of the crowd. 

‚ÄčAn engaging set design is one of many ways to activate your audience and create a connection. 

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Saturday, 26 September 2020