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All Zoom All Play - Virtual Games with Friends

- Brad Gibson, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Active Production and Design

Here we are, a month and a half into our self-isolation, our quarantining, and our adjusting to a new status quo (hopefully temporarily). Many of us have multiple video calls a day, or at least a few a week. There's got to be a way to make them fun, right? There sure is. Here are 5 Brad-sponsored, co-worker friendly games you can play on Zoom or any video conferencing software! You can do this to start the meeting or to wrap up the meeting, or just to have fun and hang out. 


Who can come up with the most random, funniest virtual backdrop? The virtual backdrop is the green screen-like environment that can post behind you on your video call, the quality can be… questionable, but we're not going for Spielberg here. Currently, I've been enjoying using Castle Grayskull from "He-Man", "Pee-Wee's Playhouse", and the well from "Silence of the Lambs"… you're welcome.


This one is easy because it doesn't require any plug-ins or software or anything high maintenance. And you don't have to worry about thinking of trivia questions, just visit and they'll give you a plethora of questions to choose from!


If you're really just wanting to play and hang out try CardzMania. It lets you play your favorite card games without a deck and while miles away from your friends. Simply pick the game you want to play, start a table, make it public, and have your friends join you at your table. You can pick from 22 options, 17 if you don't count Solitaires, which you're obviously not playing with friends. You may not need to be on Zoom for this one, but it's always more fun to play cards when you have the ability to see your friends' tells.


These are fantastic, and everyone used their phone to play and can play from anywhere. Typically though, one person in the group will need to own Jackbox games. Here's a good link to tell you more about these. They run the gamut of drawing, trivia, fibbing, wordplay, you name it, they have something fun and inventive for it. LEARN HOW TO UTILIZE JACKBOX GAMES HERE.


Zoom actually has a whiteboard feature that makes drawing pictures interactive and fun. You can play with the actual game or make up your own prompts/answers! 

Have you been keeping busy with games during quarantine? Let us know what you're up to in the comments or reach out to us on social media or email We'd love to hear from you! 

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Saturday, 26 September 2020