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Active's Virtual Survival Kit

- Brad Gibson, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Active Production and Design

Well… here we are… doing our social distancing, isolation, quarantine, all those things. We're finding things to do, and in a previous blog we talked about some productive ways to occupy your time. Now, let's talk about how we unwind! Music, movies, tv, and podcasts are aplenty and we've curated a good starter kit that will keep you entertained… at least for the weekend. If you have more to add to the list, feel free to comment what you're currently binging, listening to, and playing! 


We all have varied interest and taste levels, so picking podcasts that appeal to a wide variety of folks is… tricky. Here are two that we can recommend that could be enjoyed by anyone. We do recommend letting yourself go down a podcast rabbit hole and see what you find, because it's all there. Musical podcasts, horror podcasts, true crime, current events, comedy, you name it. 


This podcast examines the broad appeal of National Treasure and Country Legend Dolly Parton. Why does she have such massive appeal and is undisputedly the most inoffensive personality? This podcast takes a deep dive with Dolly herself!


This tech focused and practical podcast addresses a new question every week. The round-table discussion with two hosts and two industry guests is always under 30 minutes and always features a range of topics—from Windows 10 to cord cutting to online advertising to "how often should I wash my hair?" The only drawback is you may want more than 30 minutes! 


Music has the uncanny ability to alter our mood, and here are some spotify playlists we've found that have us moving the beat and playing air guitar…NOTE: If you are sensitive to explicit lyrics, Spotify has a way to filter out any unwanted songs, this is handy if you've got kiddos around. Find out how HERE. 


This playlist has it all! Over 22 hours of solid 80s Rock. Journey, Aerosmith, Def Leppard… the list is nearly unending. Put this on be transported to a land of spandex, big hair, and acid wash fantasies! 


Are you more of a mainstream radio kinda listener? This curated list stays up to date on the most recent pop hits and what's hot RIGHT NOW. Please be warned that the music genres can vary and some may contain explicit lyrics. 


This list does a great job at covering a diverse base of hip hop classics. Take a trip down memory lane! Again, you're likely to run into some explicit lyrics here, so proceed with caution.


What collection would be complete without songs that you can enjoy with a glass of wine, a bath, or any environment where you just want to unwind. This playlist does a pretty good job and you might find yourself seeking out more of your personal faves…



If you've been anywhere around social media you've probably seen people talking about this series or you've likely watched it already. This docu-series following a select group of folks who work in the "Big Cat" industry is so bonkers that it almost seems unreal. Note: Not recommended for all ages. 


Who doesn't love to watch baking disasters? This show takes a collection of the worst bakers and has them attempt to make elaborate confections in a competition for cash and prizes. The comedic hosts provide banter while the contestants scramble to complete their themed baked goods. Highly recommended for something easy and light-hearted. 


This Lego competition show is fun, inventive and wildly creative. Watch top Lego builders accept challenges to construct elaborate sculptures, dioramas, massive landscapes, and more. This is also great, feel good family viewing. Afterwards go try to make your own Lego creations and you'll instantly realize how amazing these skilled Lego tacticians are! 


This series is drama at its' finest with lead actors Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington swinging for the fences. This one may not be for the entire family, but is great for keeping the grown-ups entertained. Episodes drop periodically, so this one can be spaced out, or you can wait for all of them to be available and give it a binge. 


This show has been around for over 30 years for a reason! It's a good time to dust this animated series off and maybe even start from the beginning (although we all know seasons 4-9 were the apex of its' charm and hilarity). Also don't be surprised at how often The Simpsons eerily predicts the future, it's pretty eery. 


If there were ever a game made for getting through a time of isolation, this is it! This charming life simulator may look like it's got toddlers in mind, but Animal Crossing is a game for people of all ages as you work to build an island from completely deserted to a sprawling town of animal neighbors. Plus you can visit your friends' towns or host your own gatherings via wifi. 

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Saturday, 26 September 2020